Life had come to a standstill due to the coronavirus that spread rapidly all over the world last year. Borders were closed, flights were stopped, and tourism, as in many other sectors, was largely disrupted. So much so that every year millions of tourists flock to Alanya, the pearl of the Mediterranean with its beaches and sea, almost turned into a ghost city.

There has been a bit of dynamism last summer, with the easing of restrictions and local tourists making their holiday choices in favor of Alanya. However, Alanya, who made his living mostly from the tourism sector, could not reach a level that would satisfy the tradesmen, hoteliers, tour companies and many other tourism related business areas. So what is the tourist expectation for Alanya for the 2021 summer season?
It is thought that as of the Ramadan Feast between 12-16 May, dynamism in tourism will begin and the season will open with the domestic market. Tour operators and hotels state that bookings have already started and are promising.

So, what will be the post-coronavirus holiday plans of Russia and Germany, the countries that prefer Alanya most, during the summer period, which will start with the density of local tourists?

Aircraft companies, expressing that  Russian people  has bought 3 of 1 tickets for Turkey, find the Russian President Viladimir Putin's statement as "We will certainly not prevent our citizens who want to spend their holidays abroad" pleasing.

The number of Germans residing in Alanya, which hosts tens of thousands of German tourists every year, is also quite high. For the 2021 season, it is estimated that after Russia, German citizens will also choose Alanya for a holiday.

On the other hand, Britain, one of the leading countries in travel and vacation in Europe, begins to lift the restrictions on May 17th. The UK government made a statement that citizens can travel abroad for vacation and bookings at tour companies have increased by 350 percent.

Turkey representatives of foreign air companies, stating that although the season will start late due to the corona, they can meet the expectations to a great extent, are very hopeful for the 2021 season.

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